Empowered entrepreneur Guided self-hypnosis 

As a high achieving entrepreneur, you’ve claimed 2022 as **your year**

 This is the year you’re stepping into your most powerful self, one where you:

 -intuitively make decisions out of self-trust

-confidently sell your services without self-doubt

-& coach and market at your peak performance without overthinking 

This is the year you scale your business to the next level and hit new income milestones by launching that high ticket offer you’ve always dreamed of, by raising your prices from a place of empowerment, or by selling out your signature offer.

    However you envision scaling to the next level, this is your year.  

But…you’re not so sure how to make this year different than any other.  You’ve already tailored your strategy at least a dozen times.  

You know you're ready to:

  •  Make more sales without feeling the deep vulnerability that can accompany selling and ignite personal insecurities   
  • Play big in business in the new year without feeling overwhelmed by your own thoughts
  • Stop wasting your energy on worry, self-doubt, and second guessing yourself and your decisions

Can I let you in on a secret? 

It’s not your strategy that needs tailoring in order for you to reach new heights in your business…IT’S YOUR MINDSET. 

Think about it: There are hundreds of thousands of successful entrepreneurs out there with hundreds of thousands of different strategies that work. (You’ve probably even tried some of these strategies before…)

Girlfriend, it’s not your strategy- it’s your mindset.  

You’re holding yourself back from showing up as an industry leader that can be trusted and, because of it, people are hesitant to buy.

Your overthinking coupled with self-doubt, and your internal overwhelm is getting in the way of you taking empowered action and showing up as the powerhouse that you are… And, you know what? Your ideal client can see this (which is holding you back from making more sales)!

If you've claimed 2022 as the year you take your business to new heights then it's time to:

  • ditch the low self-esteem and second guessing yourself so that you can start showing up online as a trusted authority figure   
  • shift from being insecure about your services (hello imposter syndrome…) and into a place of empowerment and self-belief, which will help others to see the massive potential in working with you    
  • end internal overwhelm and negative self-talk so that you can enhance your performance on sales calls, on video content, and within your services leading to higher client acquisition and retention   
  • overcome your unhelpful, hurtful, and self-deprecating thoughts that are holding you back from raising your prices, talking confidently about your offers, and dimming your online presence for fear of being “too much”   

Everything you need to succeed in reaching these lofty goals is already within you- you just need a little help accessing it.

Cue the Valenta Coaching Empowered Entrepreneur Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio!

I crafted a powerful guided self-hypnosis audio to:

  • increase your confidence so that you can convey the impact of your offers more powerfully and show up more authentically, leading to more sales with less effort 
  • enhance your performance as a marketer and coach in order to show up as your best self when selling and delivering your services, helping you to increase client acquisition and retention 
  • reduce your overthinking so that you can take empowered actionable steps towards your massive goals without the internal battle and self-doubt creeping in and slowing you down 
  • eliminate overwhelm so that you can make decisions more easily, take confident action, and close more sales all while feeling like the total badass that you are 

What is self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a psychological tool that can be used to bypass the conscious mind in order to reprogram old belief patterns and cultivate change on a deeper psychological level. Hypnosis is an altered level of consciousness that gives you access to psychological tools you don’t have accessibility to when in a fully conscious state. Find more details in the PDF guide with your download!

How can hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis is a researched, safe, and commonly used tool that can help:
  • release and shift fears and limiting beliefs
  • increasing confidence and self-esteem
  • reduce overthinking, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and worry 
  • reach new levels of enhanced performance 
  • increase memory, focus, concentration, and ability to accomplish tasks more quickly 
  • accessing your most authentic and powerful self 
  • releasing self-sabotaging, often unconscious, behaviors